IoTech’s solutions are operating as a cross-platform service
suit featuring the following components:

Cloud based server

The heart and soul of our platform is fully managed on a cloud based server, enabling secure remote access to all various devices and interfaces, providing an all-round robust solution to our clients.

Pre-installed chip

Smart chip designed for easy embedding on various hardware devices, turning them into a smart IoT connected device. Our innovative chip enables hardware manufacturers to offer better advanced products with significant advantages and energy-saving features.

Remote chip management system

The pre-installed chip connects to our proprietary system, enabling alerts, notifications and full control of the devices the chip is installed at.

Web based user interface

Offering a comprehensive, easy-to-use web-based user interface, giving the end-user full control from everywhere and at any time to his electricity management system.

Mobile app

An intuitive and easy to use mobile application. The app display notifications and alerts and enables a powerful remote access and management to the user.


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