Proudly designed, developed and manufactured in Israel

Another innovative solution from the start-up nation. IoTech is one of the Israeli IoT companies, successfully operating in the electricity market. We embed smart technology into standard devices, develop software to control and monitor energy usage remotely and transform regular buiding into smart building. IoTech offers integrated solutions with the highest standards for reliability, (cyber) security and performance quality.

Simple, custom made and cost efficient solutions

We specialize in electrical applications of next generation of IoT devices for the energy and electricity vertical. We offer custom made integrated solutions which we co-design with clients. Our support teams and subject matter expert provide the final touch for our clients to become energy efficient from day 1.

Our vision

We aim to help individuals, businesses and governments to build smart homes, buildings and cities that maximize energy efficiency. The way we plan to do so is by introducing innovative products, systems and solutions into common and specialized electrical products. Our products and solutions have immediate impact on reducing costs, providing monitoring and control possibilities, alongside uncompromisable cyber and network security.

You’re in good hands with IoTech.


Are you interested in introducing cutting edge technology to your marker, industry, building or home?

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